Did you know that poker is currently played online. All variants are available, including the famous “Joker Poker”.  After “Deuces Wild”, it is still the most popular video poker game. The idea is to add an extra card as a “Joker” that has the power of “Wild” if you were in contact with the slot machines. The idea is to add an extra card as a “Joker” that has the power of “Wild” if you were in contact with the slot machines. It also borrowed a bit from the concepts of these reel games and assigns an exclusive card that can be returned to you at each draw and that you will play to make up your winning combination. Without further ado let’s focus on the subject!

Joker Poker makes it easy to get your winning poker hands as quickly as possible.

This is about money. Awaken your sense of calculation and really get in touch with the new rules of Poker. While the winning hands remain the same as in the original game, the betting values vary from one combination to another, but here they are:

– Royal Straight Flush (A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit) can pay you up to 100 times the original bet;

– Straight Flush (A, K, Q, J and 10) is 50 times the original bet;

– Four of a kind (four of a kind) is 17 times the original bet;

– Full House (three cards of the same rank or three of a kind and a pair) is worth 7 times the original bet;

– Straight (5 consecutive cards) is worth 5 times the original bet;

– Flush (5 cards of the same suit) is worth triple the bet;

– Three of a Kind (three cards of the same suit) doubles the bet and ;

– Two Pairs (two times, two identical cards) where the amount of your bet is returned to you.

The Joker substitutes for the missing card to make a winning hand. This way, you can be the lucky winner as quickly as in a classic poker game.

It is a game of chance where the Joker deserves to be well studied!

Small reminder: the Joker is to be combined with two or more cards to win! And then some strategies are necessary:

– At each draw, as the cards with the highest value contribute to increase the stakes, they are then to be kept, but in a sense that one aims at the straight flush or the royal flush;

– In this case, low card groupings are probably risky, even if the joker is there.  Even with a double pair, you will still win 0 profit;

– The real magic that the Joker brings is the power to make the famous: Fivefold! This is the combination of 5 cards from the same family where the 5th card is the joker.

Joker Poker thus has an undeniable advantage. That of creating the sensation that the jackpot can be served at any time and at the same time experience Poker in a different way.

Online, the game is so simple, because the legibility is increased.

Joker Poker online is easy to learn. The values of the winning hand are shown at the top.  And then the screen is sometimes touch-sensitive. The deal button, however, must be pressed to start the draw. You select the cards by clicking on them and the screen shows “hold”. The draw button on its side allows you to replace unselected cards to get new ones. You can replay as many times as you want.

Your bets, winnings, and credit will be shown on the lower part of the screen.