Babushka scratching games

The trademark of the Atlantic Casino is well known. That of being generous with the bonus and offering equally attractive game variations. Among them, Atlantic had the ingenuity to create a scratch game variant based on the Babushka slot machine concept. It is a game that promises thrills because of the incredible mutations of the Russian dolls. Indeed, classic and timeless, Russian dolls have the art of having double, triple, hidden characters. This makes them an ideal symbol of slot machines. In a scratch game version, here it is!

Scratch Online: Cross the line with Atlantic casino !

Faced with the euphoria of victory, highly publicised and even laughed at by the media, or a cliché of a wave of a magic wand, it is normal to wonder about the reality of scratch games. Let us reassure you about two real and verifiable facts about scratch games. Firstly, it is a piggy bank against slot machines where the bet can cap. That is to say, you buy a ticket at a modest price when the winnings can reach an exorbitant sum beyond your expectations. Secondly, statistics show that 70 people have been counted to date as winners of 15 million euros in lotteries, and that’s about as much as it gets !

Babushka is one of the most delicious fruits of the Atlantic house ! Among others Atlantic casino works with well-known game developers (NetEnt, Microgamming, Thunderckick). Once you have registered, you will also see that the bonuses (you will have already heard that Atlantic offers welcome bonuses) are real and palpable. And it is the favourite casino of the French and Swiss, who are particularly known players for their demands in terms of quality and security of play (check this out for yourself).

In the heart of the matter: What is the scratch game Babushka worth ?

As a reminder, she learned a bit from her elder sister who is the slot machine. While scratching, you have to discover identical dolls of the same size or colour and including bonus symbols. The other rules, we leave you plenty of time to practice in demo mode. In case it is too boring for you to scratch, with your mouse know that the computer will be able to do it for you.

Unlike scratch cards on kiosks, the Babushka scratch game has new features without losing its tactile appeal. One example is the automatic draw where the computer quickly reveals the contents of your card. You can read the bet you have made on each ticket, the indication of the redistribution rate or RTP. All in all, the Babushka scratch game, allows you to regulate your betting expenditure, to bet and all security by checking the RTP.

But it is not uncommon to wonder why people say they create scratch games if the slot machine is so successful. Thus, the ease of scratch games allows you to experience a playful atmosphere that is a bit outdated in slot machines. Being an amateur, buying a 2 euro ticket is not at all lucrative, whereas the payout can be as much as 100,000 euros. This is the second fact that shows that Babushka is doing the gamblers a favour.

Let’s caption before closing the article, Babushka is :

  • Russian dolls sold at 2 euros to get almost 100,000 euros;
  • Online, the bets are regulated;
  • Babushka scratch game that banishes calculations while trusting totally in the casino’s notoriety.