Push Gaming has created the “Mystery Museum” slot machine to transport players to an area filled with statues and ancient artifacts. This multi-functional casino game offers a variety of ways to get paid using wilds, free spins, mystery chips, among others. All this comes from already generous odds and a solid win on all levels.

Mystery Museum Bonus Features

Mystery Museum captivates players with its atypical theme, never seen before. Push Gaming has designed an authentic and unique game. Among the features that Mystery Museum offers, the bonuses are always of the greatest interest to high rollers, namely :

The Power Gamble feature

This function is activated after success, so that you can take risks and experience incomparable sensations. The default Power Gamble value is 5 times, but the adjustment is made according to your choices. The function is activated when the winnings are higher than the amount selected at the start.

Then, you have the obligation to choose one of the three Gamble options. They offer substantial cash prizes or free spin opportunities. If the risk does not terrify you, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the winnings as soon as possible. When you reach the maximum score of 100 times the initial bet, you can choose to use the bonus for free or get the bonus.

The Mystery Stack

The Mystery Stacks appear on the rolls in the positions they want. They appear when three or more stacks of mysteries are solved in the initial game. The reel fills up and turns into gold. The magic happens after each winning combination is settled. Pay symbols also make their entrance except for the Wild Samurai symbol.

Once all the mystery stacks have grown and filled their respective reels, the middle position of the mystery stack will rotate all the symbols and deposit a specific symbol, which will be the same for all mystery stacks. Then all “mystery chip” positions will be converted into specific symbols that have landed, and bonuses will be paid out.

Free spins

The “Samurai Mask” symbol serves as both the “Wild” and “Scatter” symbols, so if 3 or more “Wild Warrior” symbols hit the reels, you’ll get 8-12 free spins. 3 masks can spin freely 8 times. The 4 samurai masks allow you to spin freely 10 times. If 5 samurai masks are placed on the reels, you can get 12 free spins.

During the free spins, any mysterious piles that land will be pushed to fill their respective reels and reveal all payout symbols except the wild samurai symbol. During the free spin function, the mystery stack will remain on the reels.

When at least 1 Mystery Stack lands, the Mystery Stack will push back and fill its respective reels. The mystery chip will display a symbol for each transfer. All positions of the mystery stack will display the same symbol. When there are 3 or more mystery stacks on the reel, these mystery stacks will turn golden. In the remaining free spins, a symbol is displayed for each spin.

In conclusion, the Mystery Museum maintains its reputation as an intense and unique game, which further increases the excitement and risk of using the Power Gamble feature, which is provided after each winning round. However, this option will make you either a winner or a loser. The time it takes to walk through the Mystery Museum is entirely up to you, but by overcoming dead ends and attracting Power Gamble, you can find the real treasure – your bet is 17,500 times.