Word Poker Tour of Las Vegas

Do you want to see the big players in action or do you want to be among them? Check out the Word Poker Tour or its live TV broadcasts. This is a tournament that brings together wealthy amateurs. Bets of up to $4 million are in play. You’re not the only one who’s interested, as there are currently millions of viewers around the world. It is one of the most famous tournaments in the world such as World Series of Poker Europe, Word Series of Poker and Asia Pacific Tour Poker.

A bit of history…

WPT Entreprises Inc, a direct-to-home television company first produced the tournament in 2002. It has been 18 years now that Word Poker Tour has been making great players and fans happy. The idea is to get into the atmosphere of fortune and to organise the finals in a very luxurious setting. Most of them take place in the United States. At each tournament, the qualified players become celebrities. Mainly Gus Hansen with 4 wins, Tuan le of the USA with 3 wins and David Benyamine with 2 wins. In terms of pots, Daniel Negreanu is the one with the highest amount of 5,487,940 dollars, followed by Carlos El Matador with 5,260,360 dollars and Tuan le with 4,490,643 dollars.

Participation in the Word Poker Tour Las Vegas

Las Vegas was then the epicentre of the tournament, it’s where the pots are the highest. However, it is not uncommon for some games to be held outside the United States. As it brings together the best professional players, qualifying games precede the tournament. These are players from all over the world, who have recently experienced an explosion in numbers due to the possibility of practicing online. In addition, the presence of virtual poker allows amateurs to perform.

Now let’s move on to the entry fee for the Word Poker Tour. The satellite tournament is open to all participants, who can then subscribe by buying a ticket for an amount ranging from $7,500 to $30,000. With this amount, you’ll be playing right away in the ranks of the big players. The other low-cost alternative or buy-in is to subscribe on online poker sites. But the fee is not just the entry fee. In fact, sometimes these qualifying phases also take place in top-of-the-range settings, where the organisers include charges for travel and accommodation.

Word Poker Tour is a unique moment

So, as an enthusiast, the WPT is the perfect time to upgrade your poker skills. The opportunity to play with the big boys, to leave in a Las Vegas atmosphere and above all to win millions. But even as a spectator, the WPT familiarises you with the high-end version of the game and allows you to discover strategies and tricks to win. Currently, to the great satisfaction of the viewers, the live broadcast includes cameras making it possible to view the players’ cards. But the fun atmosphere is also present. WPT is currently building talented young people. These include the WPT bad boys of Poker and the WPT ladies. Wpt is thus one of the rare occasions when millions are raining down, when the list of celebrities is being renewed, when TV and real spectators meet and experience its love of poker to the fullest.